Transform Cincinnati

From our good friend Joe Freidman, Planned Giving Director of the Jewish Federation:

Since the early 1800s, Cincinnati has benefitted from the engagement of community-oriented “funders” – people who gave of themselves and their resources to elevate the region in a profound way. Today, we continue to benefit from the presence of these “funders.” At the same time, we have experienced the unfortunate loss of citizens who sparked positive, transformative change. Among them: Patricia Corbett, Stanley Kaplan, Carl Lindner, Manny Mayerson and Louise Nippert.

Transform Cincinnati seeks to renew the ranks of these significant, individual funders of regional initiatives, and to facilitate the development of ideas that inspire, engage and involve them.

It is the hope that those who have never before experienced the fulfillment and joy that comes with making a significant personal difference in the life of our community will find Transform Cincinnati an exhilarating and rewarding journey.


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