For more than 30 year I have helped philanthropically minded donors, volunteer leadership and professionals grow, manage and administer Jewish federation endowment and foundation programs, private foundations and individual endowment funds.  My key areas of competency:

  • Development of legacy and endowment programs designed to increase and build charitable assets.
  • Strategic planning and implementation for public charity financial resource development
  • Management and administration of public and private foundations (i.e. grant making, governance and policy setting functions in addition to legal, financial and investment oversight).
  • Cultivation of major individual and family relationships and managing a development team for success.
  • Program development for education and training fo professionals on philanthropy.
  • Mentoring professionals to maximize their capacities to succeed.

During my career, I helped hundreds of donors and their families develop their own philanthropic vision and created many programs to help charities strengthen and grow their endowment assets.  I mentored dozens of professionals in my role at JFNA interacted with dozens of individual financial and legal advisors over the years and helped dozens of the 155 individual Jewish federations and community foundations to better organize and improve their operations.  In doing so they became knowledgeable about best practices, invested their assets more wisely and came together to share and learn about a wide variety of topics which bear on sound management, development and administration of assets.  While I cannot take individual credit for it, the overall fund balance of our system’s endowment assets grew from 1-2 billion to 15 billion during my 15 years at JFNA.  The best practices approach which we took to training helped federations and Jewish community foundations raise and distribute hundreds of millions of dollars and raise similar amounts in current and future commitments. I also developed a dozen creative programs designed to assist the endowment and foundation field at federations while conserving resources nationally.  The most prominent of these was the JFNA Investment Institute, now one of the most successful programs of its kind involving hundreds of trustees and professionals as well as dozens of sponsors.

I also interacted frequently with foundation trustees and staff overseas and in Israel and developed relationships with some of the most influential private foundation managers and trustees in American Jewish life.  These skills and experiences will help me to work with your team to provide strategic planning, training and consultation in the above fields, whether you represent a non profit or even a for profit institution with a foundation or giving program. 

Below are just some of the articles I have published in EJewish Philanthropy, many with colleague and wealth advisor Donald P. Kent.

  • Think Forward:  The Truth about Federations, donor advised funds and Supporting foundations
  • Why endow the Annual campaign?
  • Permanent Giving for Endowment purposes..
  • Growing the capacity of endowment development